Harry Maberly & Bart Eysink Smeets

10th of July - Till 8th of august

A new exhibition by Harry Maberly and Bart Eysink Smeets opens the 10th of July at NEUS in Nijmegen. The exhibition features Maberly‘s ‘waiting room‘ and Eysink Smeets sculpture: ‘A.A.D.‘. The exhibition will be on display until the 8th of August 2020.

Harry Maberly is an artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. ‘The Waiting Room‘ shown at NEUS is exactly what it says it is. The visitors of the exhibitions are invited to wait for free. ‘The Waiting Room‘ was made for the first time for Maberly‘s solo show at the end of his residency at The Number Shop Gallery & Studios in Edinburgh in November 2017.

Bart Eysink Smeets is fascinated with the fake. He investigates the clash that occurs when we use fake items, which lack all personality, to add character to our lives. ‘A.A.D.‘ stands for Artificial Atmosphere Design and is an attempt to build the perfect friend; someone who always smiles and listens without all the inconveniences that a real person brings along. Eysink Smeets lives and works in Amsterdam

the exhibition is open every saturday from 13:00 till 18.00

For visitations during the week on friday and thursday you need to make a reservation, at least 2 days in advance. Reservations can be made by sending an email with the preferred date and time to Neusnijmegen@gmail.com.