NEUS organizes events year-round. Most notably in the form of expositions and celebratory gatherings such as openings and closings. In doing so, we allow artists and makers of the like, representatives of organizations that are involved, as well as enthusiasts to meet each other and engage in an open dialogue about what constitutes the art discourse today.

Next to that, the agenda will also see its fair share of one-off events, such as the presentation of new collections by fashion designers, music gigs, happenings, readings, lectures and film screenings. On occasion we will team up with third parties to co-host events and to follow-up on great ideas that are already out there.

Our willingness to let things grow organically – according to our current fascinations and what we believe to be of great interest to our following – will result in a fresh and fluid agenda that takes on whichever form we deem necessary to awe and amaze you.

Stay informed on what’s happening now through the following channels: