The story about who we are is topic of ongoing debate. Or rather of dialogue; one that is held between those who have come to awe and others who will find themselves pleasently troubled by the timely offering in which NEUS provides. Founded in early 2019, NEUS serves as a missing link between institutions that are already firmly established within the art discourse as well as bold newcomers that need to be well underway. Backed by young and innovative ideas about showcasing work and reaching out to a broader audience, NEUS aims at highlighting and introducing today’s most fragrant and noteworthy.

NEUS’ facillity, a beautifully renovated bar turned into a fresh gallery space, is based in the midst of Nijmegen’s city center. Nicely situated in the east of the Netherlands; neigbouring Germany and its Rurhgebied, full of galleries and museums. Though at the same time still close enough to the Randstad: the Dutch conglomerate of larger cities – most notably Amsterdam and Rotterdam – that houses a broad range of fantastic cultural institutions as well.

NEUS gallery annex art bar is at the heart of everything that NEUS as a collective, label and movement will come to do. Tangible, socially inclusive and at times disruptive, the foundation will periodically put on show those which are today’s most exiting creative endeavours. That is, works in the fields of fine arts, fashion, design and music, by new and upcoming talent as well as renowned artists, both national and international.